Where do we go from here?

What every Black American already knows and what we can only hope people are learning from Jan 6th, 2021, is that racial inequities and injustices are the greatest threat we face in our country.

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Black Lives Matter

The attacks on our African American community over the past several months have been horrific, heartbreaking, and unrelenting – but even worse, it is the reality that people of color have endured for generations. It is not new. It is not isolated.

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Our COVID response

As we navigate these unprecedented times, Springmatter is working to support our community, schools, and frontline workers. Our mission of equity and inclusion has never been more important as we strive to meet the basic needs of those who are struggling.

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Michigan Aerospace Corporation (MAC) is an advanced engineering and products company that provides innovative sensing, intelligent systems, and software solutions for space, air, and earth-bound applications. Our roots are in developing atmospheric measurement systems for aerospace customers, but we also apply these same technologies and expertise to solving problems closer to home, including clean energy, water management, and early-stage disease detection. Michigan Aerospace is part of the Springmatter™ commercialization umbrella, providing assistance to innovators and companies that need a little help bringing their concepts to life. The theme of Springmatter is to “Start Something Meaningful.” Fittingly, we established the Springmatter Fund to be intentional about our philanthropy as well. Especially meaningful to us is support for educational programming and employment opportunities to assist marginalized populations.

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