MAC Awarded an SBIR Phase II program to continue the development of a LiDAR-based plume classification algorithm 

Company News

YPSILANTI, MI, February 14th, 2022 – Michigan Aerospace Corporation (MAC) is pleased to announce the award and acceptance of the Department of Defense, office for Chemical and Biological Defense, SBIR Phase II award, titled “PLUMESIGHT: LIDAR-Based Plume Classification.” 

In battlefield environments, the atmosphere is littered with aerosols from a variety of sources: dust from vehicles and foot traffic; smoke from firearms and explosives; and, potentially, plumes of weaponized aerosols. In order to improve situational awareness, it is critical to develop real-time knowledge of the presence, type, and structure of aerosol plumes on the battlefield. Elastic LIDAR systems are powerful remote sensing tools capable of detecting, quantifying, and classifying clouds of aerosols. LIDAR instruments have a long history of use in atmospheric remote sensing for making measurements of atmospheric aerosol types and concentrations. Beyond atmospheric science, LIDAR has use in the measurement and quantification of man-made aerosol releases, ranging from smoke grenades to chemical explosives to anthrax. To extend the ability of LIDAR systems to characterize and classify plumes in cluttered environments, Michigan Aerospace Corporation proposes to further develop its plumesight algorithm. 

For more details, please visit SBIR.GOV