Also, MAC’s WindSight spinoff one of 16 invited to present at February CleanTech Forum

Peter Tchoryk, CEO of Michigan Aerospace Corporation (MAC), won the “Elevator Pitch Competition” at the ninth Annual Collaboration for Entrepreneurship (ACE) that took place on January 22 in Ann Arbor. Mr. Tchoryk pitched WindSight, a MAC spinoff company that is licensed to manufacture and market wind measurement systems to the wind energy industry. WindSight technology enables wind speed and direction to be forecast tens of minutes before those winds reach the turbines, increasing energy production efficiency and lowering maintenance costs. The systems measure temperature and density concurrently with winds and can optionally measure water vapor. WindSight technology also makes more efficient and thorough wind energy site assessments possible, and, in addition, is applicable to a number of other commercial and military purposes.

WindSight has also been invited to present to a panel of investors at CleanTech Forum XXI , taking place February 23-25 in San Francisco. WindSight is one of sixteen companies selected from 120 to present at the Forum, the largest yearly gathering of global leaders in the area of clean technology. WindSight is seeking investment to take its systems into full production by 2010.