Satellite Will Explore Upper Atmosphere

Michigan Aerospace Corporation (MAC), today announced that it is collaborating with the University of Illinois on part of the Neutral Ion Coupling Explorer (NICE) satellite mission recently selected by NASA as a candidate Small Explorer mission. The NICE mission, led by the University of California-Berkeley, will contain five instruments for exploring Earth’s upper atmosphere, remotely measuring the neutral wind, temperature, composition, atmospheric and ionospheric density distributions as well as conducting in-situ measurements of ion motion. Michigan Aerospace Corporation will be responsible for the design and fabrication of the Doppler Wind Imager, an instrument that will measure neutral winds in the upper atmosphere using a Fabry-Perot interferometer. MAC is a leader in Fabry-Perot interferometer design, construction and implementation for atmospheric observation from spaceborne, airborne, ground-based, and marine platforms. Under the awarded Phase A study, Michigan Aerospace Corporation will develop the optical prescription for the Doppler Wind Imager and create a conceptual model design as a basis for future phases.