Company News

Ann Arbor, MI, September 1, 2014 — Michigan Aerospace Corporation (MAC) and Springmatter, located in Ann Arbor, MI, have partnered with LifeSpan Behavioral Technologies (LifeSpan) to develop technologies for early diagnosis of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. MAC is investing in LifeSpan and providing engineering support services. Springmatter is providing commercialization support, including product development, business development, manufacturing, and FDA/Quality Management services. LifeSpan is a start-up company based in Atlanta, Georgia, dedicated to building a deeply-interactive social ecosystem and therapeutic software solutions for autism and related social and cognitive disorders. “We are pleased to partner and invest in the LifeSpan team to help them in their mission,” said Peter Tchoryk, CEO of MAC and Springmatter. “As an early-stage company, it was essential for us to find a partner that shared our vision and could provide the technical, commercialization, and financial resources we needed to grow our company,” added Jeff Cary, founder and CEO of LifeSpan. Current plans include introducing a device for early detection of autism and software socialization tools for children on the spectrum.