Company News

As part of a larger restructuring to position the company for expected growth in 2005, Michigan Aerospace Corporation today announced the promotion of Michael Dehring, Jane Pavlich, Anthony Hays, and Scott Lindemann to managers of its core business units. Mr. Dehring will lead LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) Systems, Mr. Hays will lead Mechanisms, Mr. Lindemann will lead Optical Products, and Ms. Pavlich will lead the New Initiatives Business Unit. Michigan Aerospace Corporation is an optical products and advanced engineering company that provides innovative optical, opto-mechanical and mechanical systems, from conceptual design through production and implementation in the field. Its core business areas include Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) systems to measure the wind in the atmosphere from the ground and space, enhancing the accuracy of long-term weather forecasts; optical systems to improve the performance of manned and unmanned stealth aircraft and weapon systems; mechanisms for autonomous vehicles operating in space and undersea environments; and a line of standard optical products as well as custom optical services. Michigan Aerospace Corporation develops products for space, airborne, ground and undersea applications.