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Call for Papers – Abstracts will continue to be accepted by email (contact Pete Tchoryk at ptchoryk@michiganaerospace.com)

Michigan Aerospace Corporation invites you to attend this highly-regarded symposium in Orlando, FL, March 28 -April 1, 2005. There are several new conferences this year in the Space Technologies and Operations Track, chaired by Pete Tchoryk, CEO of Michigan Aerospace. You are invited to submit a paper to one of the conferences in this track, which include: Spaceborne Sensors; Spacecraft Platforms and Infrastructure; Modeling, Simulation and Testing of Spacecraft Systems; MEMS and Nano Technologies for Space; and Satellite Communications Technologies. The intent of the Space Technologies and Operations Track is to bring together scientists, engineers, and policy makers involved in advancing technology, with the focus on space-based defense and homeland security applications. Contact Pete Tchoryk at ptchoryk@michiganaerospace.com for more information.