Photoacoustic Technology Accurately Detects Circulating Tumor Cells in Stage III Melanoma Patients

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Medical Design Technology (MDT) Magazine Publicizes a Technology from Springmatter’s Portfolio

ANN ARBOR, MI, June 10th, 2016 – Springmatter and Michigan Aerospace Corporation (MAC) are pleased to announce exciting news from one of our portfolio companies, Acousys Biodevices.

Acousys’s core technology has recently received coverage in Medical Design Technology (MDT) magazine, highlighting its promise to detect the spread of cancer.

An excerpt of the article, with illustration, appears below. The full story is available at MDT.

A novel photoacoustic technique may enable doctors to detect the metastatic spread of cancer via the lymph and circulatory systems much earlier than previously possible, according to a proof-of-concept study, conducted by Acousys Biodevices. The study evaluated the predictive use of the Company’s photoacoustic flow cytometer technology to detect CTCs in blood samples from Stage III melanoma patients.

Circulating tumor cells are recognized as indicators of metastatic spread of cancer via the lymph and circulatory systems. Detection of metastases at a cellular level could potentially improve outcomes by supporting earlier treatment or more personalized patient care plans. Current imaging diagnostics require tumor formation of several millimeters before detection, which could equate to several months of undetectable growth.

Acousys Biodevices’ photoacoustic detector. Image courtesy of Acousys Biodevices.

See full story at MDT.

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